Strange Seed Shizuoka 2023
Open Call Program
Open Call for Artists

Strange Seed Shizuoka is a street theatre festival unfolding across the city of Shizuoka --the parks with lush greenery, a city hall with stone pavement, bustling shopping streets, human-made ponds , and historic buildings.

Artists will incorporate not only the cityscape of Shizuoka but also the sounds, wind, and audience around them into their performances. They will create experiences that can only happen in a particular moment and a place. It is no exaggeration that this is a project to develop new narratives and scenes through the power of performing arts to uncover the inherent charm of the city.

Strange Seed Shizuoka's Open Call program invites artists seeking to take on new challenges and explore infinite possibilities of theatrical expressions here in Shizuoka, Japan. We will help you materialize your ideas by utilizing our know-how of street theatre. Let's create new forms of theatrical expression possible only in an open-air setting!

We are looking for:

Works unique to street theatre

We value creative ideas that maximize the features of street theatre --rather than those intended for a theatre or other indoor settings --such as integrating the local cityscape, ambient sound, wind, and viewers into your work.
* Please note that the management team of Strange Seed Shizuoka will suggest and select your performance venue based on the concepts and details of the entered piece.

Works with capacity for development

We are looking for promising street theatre pieces with the potential for further development. We accept both new works and works shown in the past.

Conceptually rigorous works

We are looking for performance pieces with conceptual themes and qualities reflecting your theatrical universe, rather than those with an emphasis on technical expertise or skills.

Works visible from various viewpoints

While we provide designated viewing areas within the venues, visitors to the festival may view performances from various viewpoints around the designated area.

Past Performances

  • Drape the Strange Land by Anjū no Chi
    • A theatre performance examining the being of a traveler by maximizing the backdrop of the skyscape with clouds over the lawn
    • Open Call
    • Drape the Strange Land by Anjū no Chi
      (Sumpu Castle Park Area [Grass Field] , 2022)
  • make room for by Koichiro Tamura
    • A dance performance that sheds light on the places of belonging that have been taken away from children by using playground equipment in parks
    • Open Call
    • make room for by Koichiro Tamura
      (Sumpu Castle Park Area [Play Park], 2022)
  • Team Walk by ICHIGEKIYA, Safari.P, and SPAC strange team
    • A performance piece featuring various types of walking, in which the artists walk along the road with the viewers
    • Team Walk by ICHIGEKIYA, Safari.P, and SPAC strange team
      (Sumpu Castle Park Area [From SUMPU HORINO TERRACE to Garden stage], 2022)
  • MY CLOSET THEATRE by mamagoto -solo works- / TAKUO MIYANAGA
    • An interactive piece in which the viewers are invited to wear clothes on display to trace the stories and memories deposited in them
    • MY CLOSET THEATRE by mamagoto -solo works- / TAKUO MIYANAGA
      (Throughout Shizuoka City, 2022)
  • Branches and people by contact Gonzo
    • An experiential performance art piece in which every participant's body is “connected” by branches, performed on a grass field surrounded by trees
    • Branches and people by contact Gonzo
      (Sumpu Castle Park Area [Grass Field], 2022)
  • MUuutant Dynamics by Con Saitoh
    • A dance piece choreographed under the theme of animal locomotion, performed in front of a human-made pond
    • MUuutant Dynamics by Con Saitoh
      (City Hall Area [Kagamiike Pond], 2022)
  • Cleaners by Satoshi Murakami
    • An experiential performance in which the viewers in cleaners' disguise blend in with the everyday scenery of Sumpu Castle Park
    • Cleaners by Satoshi Murakami
      (Throughout Sumpu Castle Park Area, 2022)

About the Application

  • Number of entries
    A maximum of 5 entries are allowed per artist/group
  • Selection committee members
    ・ Guriko Sawa (Strange Seed Shizuoka management team member)
    ・ Kotobuki Shiriagari (manga artist)
    ・ Yoko Narushima (managing director for SPAC, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center)
    ・ Mikuni Yanaihara (leader of Nibroll, choreographer, director, and playwright)
    ・ Yasuhito Wakabayashi (Strange Seed Shizuoka program director)
  • Selection Criteria
    ・ Artists in any genre of performance arts are welcome to apply. We are looking for entries that cross the boundaries of performance, dance, music, etc.
    ・ The performance piece must be intended to be performed outdoors during daylight hours (11 AM to 6 PM).
    ・ Basic audio equipment will be provided by the festival management team.
    *Whether the management team operates the audio equipment is subject to consultation.
    ・ Recommended running time for each performance is 30 minutes.
    ・ You must be able to perform all three days from May 4 (Thursday, National holiday) to May 6 (Saturday), 2023. The number of performances per day will be decided upon consultation.
    ・ A grant for creating and performing a piece at Strange Seed Shizuoka will be provided (80,000 yen per artist/group, excluding fees for transportation and accommodation). You are allowed to sell goods and accept tips during the festival.
    * Please note that the management team of Strange Seed Shizuoka will suggest and choose your performance venue based on the concepts and details of the entered piece.
  • Application Details
    ・ Overview of your entered piece (including title, concept, other specific details, cast and staff members involved in the piece, etc)
    *You may submit supporting documents, such as plans (drawings) and sketches, which show the details and concepts of your work.
    ・ Artist (solo)/group name (in Japanese or English)
    ・ Representative's full name
    ・ Artist/group's base location (city, country)
    ・ Contact details (phone number with country code and email address)
    ・ Requirements for the stage and venue (e.g. preferred flooring type or condition, backdrop, and the size of acting space)
    ・ Profile of the artist/group (no more than 150 words)
    ・ Please tell us about your activities, achievements, contributions, or milestones in the past 5 years.
    ・ URLs to your websites and other social media
    ・ URL to a video of your past performance
    (A video of a performance similar to your entered piece is desirable)
    ・ Images of your past performance(s) and artist(s)
  • Submissions close
    Monday, January 9, 2023, at 23:59 JST
  • Notification of selection
    Wednesday, January 18, 2023 (tentative)
  • Contact