Event overview

Strange Seed Shizuoka is coming back
during the Silver Week holidays.

We present a street theatre festival that you can enjoy just like having an open-air “picnic,” held in and around the Sumpu Castle Park and also online.

The theatres have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, making it temporarily impossible to see theatrical performances. This may happen again in the future. The time has come when new forms of performance arts, both tangible and intangible, are required.

As one of the answers to such a demand, we propose to further develop the “OPEN AIR THEATER” as a new style of theatrical expression. We aim to create an experience where people can meet in a city while keeping a safe space between each other.

We strive to create a festival that will be like “having a picnic in the sun” for people in Shizuoka City, where they can enjoy a relaxing moment and get an insight into the power of performance arts that can change their perspective on the city. We are launching the “New Strange Seed,” where the everyday life of the city coexists with the extraordinary presence of performing arts.

A Park in the City Transforms into a Theater

This is a performing arts festival where you can enjoy watching plays and dance performances under blue skies, feeling the early autumn breeze as you picnic. We propose a new form of outdoor festival with measures against COVID-19.

Going Both Live and Online

This year, we have two performance venues: where you can watch live in Shizuoka City, and that anyone can watch, from anywhere in the world. A renewed street theatre festival comes to life to connect the real and the online, as well as Shizuoka and the world.

Now is the time to share the appeals of street theatre from Shizuoka!

More Shizuoka-based artists will also be performing! This is the time to present performances that originate from Shizuoka, which can only be created and seen in Shizuoka.



  • Dates
    Sep 21 (Mon) - 22 (Tue) 2020
  • Shizuoka Venue
    ShizuokaSumpu Castle Park, Aoi Ward Office in Shizuoka City / Japan
  • Online Venue
    オンラインYouTube STRANGE SEED SHIZUOKA Official Channel
  • Fees
    Admission free and free live streaming
  • Program
    ShizuokaShizuoka Venue
    ・wawaflamingo "Chatting with a racoon dog"
    ・Okuma Ryutaro (ICHIGEKIYA) & SPAC Strange Team "Team Walk"
    ・IMPRO Machine x Fuji full-mold theatre "IMPRO Hyakumonogatari"
    ・yaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Spacenotblank "Love Dialogue Now"
    ・SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center "Theatre of sounds"br> ・Ayano Endo (Tan*Mon Dan) "Okuribi (Bon Fire)"
    ・Amaru&HICKee "Memory of ASOVIZA"
    ・kotori-kaigi "Lawn storm warning"
    ・Futome Performance "The Virgin 2020"
    ・fushigishonen "Fuji at dusk"
    ・PUYEY "Fairobics"
    ・ART HIKARI "Look At Yourself"

    OnlineOnline Venue
    ・TOKYO DEATHLOCK "Anti Human Remote Class"
    ・KAKI-KUU-KYAKU "night blindness (imprisonment ver.)"
    ・Yoko Honaga "I'm gonna dance in there"
    ・Watanabe Hisashi (Atama to Kuchi) x kajii "Bowl-Letter"
    ・KODOMOKYOJIN "Delicious cooking road legend UMAMI's Challenge"
    ・wawaflamingo "wawaflamingo's sketch"
    ・Dance Crops Mt.Fuji"New normal, Nice to meet you"
    ・Yoshimitsu Kiyotaka"imaginary , image"
    ・Futome Performance×やぶくみこ×白神ももこ(モモンガ・コンプレックス)『Sento』
    ・シンポジウム DAY1「よそもの(旅人)としての演劇創作の今後」
    ・シンポジウム DAY2「2020年以降のイギリス野外芸術分野:現在のイギリスのセクションと世界的なパンデミックへの対応、そして国際的協力の継続の期待について」
    ・しりあがり寿 presents ずらナイト おんらいん