Event overview

A “Drama-tic” Discovery! Plays and dance performances transform the usual cityscape -- Let’s discover a facet of the city we’ve never seen before.A “Drama-tic” Discovery! Plays and dance performances transform the usual cityscape -- Let’s discover a facet of the city we’ve never seen before.

During the four-day street theatre festival,
the usual cityscape turns into a theater,
where plays and dance performances outflow the streets.
We present a safe
yet exciting outdoor performing arts festival
that best suits the current conditions.

We are faced with restrictions on social activities, a requirement to stay at home, and the new normal―“Normal” things are no longer normal, and we find ourselves day in, day out unable to meet people we care about. Yet finding joy and happiness in the little things in life is not a sin. We could still take a walk in our neighborhood, breathe in the fresh air, and smile at a passerby even if both of us are covering up our faces with masks. STRANGE SEED Shizuoka strives to present a safe festival that makes the most of the current circumstances.

A variety of performances―from play, dance, contemporary art, to music―will bloom in the city of Shizuoka during the four days of Golden Week. Please visit and discover these little blossoms: flowers that grow out from “Strange Seeds.”

Such discoveries would bring in new psychological sustenance that shapes our tomorrow.

We provide a wide range of participatory and family-friendly events, along with workshops that enable visitors to create together. Like unexpected flash mob performances, many events are made possible only in Shizuoka.

There is no better way to boost our immune system than to enjoy life.
We hope to see guests from far and near.

Worry Kinoshita
Festival Director

Street Theatre Festival

  • Dates
    May 2 (Sun) - 5 (Wed / Public holiday)
  • Venues
    Various locations in Sumpu Castle Park, public spaces in front of Shizuoka City Hall, Aoi Ward Office, and Shizuoka City Culture Hall, and other places in the city, all of which are within walking distance from JR Shizuoka Station.
  • Admission
    Free, no reservations required (with some exceptions)
  • Festival Program
    ・Written conversation workshop / Junnosuke Tada + TAKAMATSU Workshop Lab.
    ・Happy Clothes Factory / Junnosuke Tada + TAKAMATSU Workshop Lab.
    ・How to find the intersection of diagonal lines / Yoko Honaga
    ・Maywa Denki product demonstration / Maywa Denki
    ・Hige-hakase and nonsense☆machine / Maywa Denki
    ・The Tiny Princess and Dr. Measure / SEINENDAN
    ・By the Window: “Two Joyous Windows Nearby” STRANGE SEED Ver. / Lolo
    ・Dishes sing / kajii
    ・Musical instrument making workshop using everyday objects / kajii
    ・Workshop to play musical instruments created from everyday objects / kajii
    ・Cleaners / Satoshi Murakami
    ・Your voice that I don’t know / Bird Park
    ・Team Walk / Okuma Ryutaro(ICHIGEKIYA)×TATSUYA(Safari P)×SPAC Strange Team
    ・In conversation with a string of Shizuoka nerves / kotorikaigi
    ・Rendez-vous / Futome Performance
    ・Nomads / Aguyoshi
    ・La Vie Et La Mort / Ran Run Tan*Mon Dan
    ・GODHELL / theatrical company Z・A
    ・The travelogue of eight beautiful countries / Performance Unit HORIZON

    ・non experts meeting vol.2 / dobby/kasetsu
    ・few / Ken Oishi
    ・Teatime / ZEROKO
    ・Shoal of Crimson Fish, Fly to the Immaculate Sky / SEKAIGEKIDAN
    ・Singing at dusk / Jin Suzuki

* This event will be held with protective measures against COVID-19 (as well as the decision to hold the event) in accordance with Shizuoka City’s “Basic Policy on Holding Events Under COVID-19” and “Shizuoka Prefecture’s COVID-19 Measures Implementation Policy.”

*Please note that the program may be subject to change due to COVID-19 and weather conditions.

Highlights of 2020


Festival Director : Worry Kinoshita
Illustration : Kotobuki Shiriagari